REG31 is aimed to create trends and bring back old ones and is aimed at the high street affordable market.
REG31 will be producing and selling both men's and women's clothing that is sexy, smart, outgoing and trendy and will cover categories such as smart casual, night outs, casual, street wear and swim wear and will be selling not only through the Reganalds platforms but other platforms as well.

REG31 Insight

The name REG31 stems from Reganalds slogan (to reach every goal) and the age that our director was when he came up with the idea for this sister brand. This brand is to offer affordable, yet trendy looking clothing to customers who want to buy affordable and feel like they have a lot for their money, because quantity and quality counts when you want to buy affordable and this is what we have try to do and this is why the time has come to Reach Every Goal,  with REG31.



Our Founder and Designer

Mr Tyrone Reid

The founder, director and designer of the Reganalds fashion company franchise is called Mr Tyrone Reid. He is a black British Caribbean man who lives in London, UK who never did any fashion schooling to date or had any interest in fashion growing up. But in his mid 20's, he started get frustrated and hate fashion due the copy and paste nature of the fashion industry and the high street market, so he then realised the only way he was going to buy clothes again is if he made them himself. Thus, he took a leap of faith in his creative mind to start designing clothing from scratch by himself and then soon found himself with a luxury fashion company called Reganalds and the rest is history in the making.